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是你 🪷3 weeks ago
LOL I like Long Yi the moment he pinched Xiao Liulang cheek 😂 I’m pretty sure he did it to make sure Xiao Liulang was real & it wasn’t his imagination.
Wolf3 months ago
I love Long Yi. For sure, he was the shadow guard that Liulang played with charcoal pencil when he was young
Anghela3 months ago
Awwww adorable 🥰
PineappleSugar6 months ago
IceCloud278 months ago
Hahahhaha that was the slap in the face scene,
Vindictivity8 months ago
Y'know, one thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE about this story (besides, well, just about everything) is that these nasty little plot nits that revolve around petty misunderstandings, or jerks stealing credit or setting up schemes, don't last like fifty chapters or snowball into huge problems. They're always sorted out fairly quickly, or at least aren't allowed to gather a lot of momentum. Yeah, the solutions are often produced through a level of coincidence/degree of luck that would ignite an entire meadow's worth of four-leaf clovers, but it just somehow WORKS for this story. It skates along the brink of self-parody at times, and I think that's part of what makes it work so well. :D
JazmineGwapa8 months ago
Hahahaha thanks for the chapter 😍
Momo8 months ago
I think it’s because he knows that Gu Jiao is A Heng’s wife.
MasterofNone8 months ago
It's more like he knows that the medicine that she took came from Gu Jiao. Gu Jiao didn't know he was there, but he saw her changed the medicine. That's why he didn't want to give the gift to the crown princess because he knows she doesn't deserve the credit
Milkbiscuit8 months ago
Long Yi!!! What an interesting Shadow Guard!
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