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Lala4 weeks ago
I thought she was lesby lol
Akime yuko3 months ago
somehow their story is more exciting…. I lowkey want their love story to a bit of angst but with a very happy ending.. they deserve second chance… they been enduring this shit for decades
Kokokrunch3 months ago
I see. It's not that she really wanted to push him away on their wedding night and created a wall to separate herself from Marquis Xuanping. It's just that her body's condition doesn't allow her to be close to men and that's something that she doesn't want anyone to know. She must have experienced something traumatizing in the past, which are related to men. Also, Marquis Xuanping seems to like her in the past too, since when the Princess asked him if he ever had feelings for her, he froze. Oh, dear. Somehow, I now wanted this couple to have a second chance at love.
PineappleSugar3 months ago
Me too!
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