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Diair2 months ago
...Would it kill Jiao to show a little more empathy here? She herself knows that she's not the real Jiao and is no more deserving of the spot than Jinyu. She doesn't care about this, but it's obvious Jinyu cares, and it's also obvious how Jiao's actions can be falsely interpreted as blatant hostility. So why would she act like this? It would cost her nothing to be polite.
Seesorse2 months ago
Then how about the previous life of the original owner? She was bullied by the white lotus. The previous owner was pitiful too, jinyu deserves it in my opinion.
Yunximeanscloud1 month ago
Jiaojiao is not in the wrong. She just doesn't explain herself to irrelevant people and also she's not in the wrong for reprimanding Jinyu, ik she did not live with her birth parents but calling them mother/father on their graves should be okay?
Yu5 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
kahluadragon5 months ago
Ummmm..... For once make the fake a likeable one with flaws not a green tea b%"ch
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
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