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Foxy Rose3 months ago
Empathy is not necessary. Communicating her feelings would be better. She should simply tell her that she doesn’t hate or blame her.
Leikr7 months ago
Empathy? Will you be able to empathize had you been Jiao Jiao and suffered all the shit that she suffered? Then you see this miss and her maid in all their arrogance and hubris trampling on your life? When all that she has could've been yours, remember Jiaojiao was accused of theft by her and her maid, had it been the original "fool" host she would've already been dead or disabled. I know and am aware that Gu Jinyu was raised to be such and she didn't know back then that she isn't the real daughter but that's just it there isn't any shred of kindness in her too, she dispised the poor or she would've been lenient in their first meeting.
Diair10 months ago
...Would it kill Jiao to show a little more empathy here? She herself knows that she's not the real Jiao and is no more deserving of the spot than Jinyu. She doesn't care about this, but it's obvious Jinyu cares, and it's also obvious how Jiao's actions can be falsely interpreted as blatant hostility. So why would she act like this? It would cost her nothing to be polite.
Seesorse10 months ago
Then how about the previous life of the original owner? She was bullied by the white lotus. The previous owner was pitiful too, jinyu deserves it in my opinion.
Yunximeanscloud9 months ago
Jiaojiao is not in the wrong. She just doesn't explain herself to irrelevant people and also she's not in the wrong for reprimanding Jinyu, ik she did not live with her birth parents but calling them mother/father on their graves should be okay?
Yasmin6 months ago
She can empathise with her if jiao knew her beforehand. Not everyone is a compassionate person plus the fl is not an emotional person. You as a reader should atleast know how the fls character is 🤦‍♀️
Akime yuko6 months ago
I noticed from ur previous comments that you lack common sense or always assuming things like What do u want the FL to do? Suddenly acting like sisters with strangers to mooch her off? Despite the fact that she, junyu look down on her. And what with jinyu acting like a pampered young lady in that situation it’s like rubbing salt to her wound. If u have the brain u would noticed jinyu lack of sensitivity
Emma173 months ago
After how she looked down on her and accused her of stelling Gu Jinyu suddenly triés to act close and on top of that assumes that thé female lead has a Grudge against her for thé switch. I wouldn't treat her well either.
Yu1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
kahluadragon1 year ago
Ummmm..... For once make the fake a likeable one with flaws not a green tea b%"ch
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
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