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Kamryu4 months ago
Someone from the same group as Ardi. I find this to be quite the encounter since Souya is often told his fighting style is similar to Ardi of Vindoobinkuru.
Solo4 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Kamryu! Yeah, one of the hard to notice things is how Souya is strangely linked to Vindoo in several ways...I wonder why that is...
Le Salt5 months ago
Really, what a chapter. Injured to the point of death, he awakens some obscure power to suicidally throw himself into a meat-grinder of a battle, overwhelming the enemy with the terrible power of the curse that overflows from him…until he’s saved by yet another god. Really, it’s all so very…Souya-like. As for what power it is he tapped into, well. This is the floor of the Horns. We have seen Nanassy’s Horn glowing red, much the same way that the health regeneration point does. And my, oh my, here’s the great magician god who first made the regeneration points. Gee, I wonder what that thing that overflowed from his brain, splitting his skull might be. Could it possibly be…a horn?
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Le Salt! Godang it...I can't comment, but nice job there.
Le Salt5 months ago
This isn’t even my final form! See, I had to make the DBZ joke, because Souya casually drops that line about his body constantly being destroyed and remade, pushing him past the limits of a human. Zenkai, much? Or perhaps it isn’t merely that he grows stronger from being pushed to the point of near death. Perhaps the power of the regeneration point, power so terribly similar to that shown by the Horns, has subtly been drawing him closer to something that can only be termed a monster…
DavyDrones5 months ago
Thanks for the chapter. This dude Houma is bad ass. Thumbs up!
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for unlocking reading and commenting, DavyDrones! Yeah, it was a nice entrance, isn't it? He is a legendary character after all. =)
Scalio6 months ago
Thanks for the chapter! This chapter had me weak at the beginning with Evetta-san, wow
Solo6 months ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, Scalio! Yeah, I was so shocked the first time I read it. It's so impactful and still draws a tear to my eye.
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