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Commander Fenrir1 year ago
Well look at that... When I picked this novel I thought that it would be a modern science vs fantasy type story, I kinda felt disappointed when in the previous volume they went for the harem and normal isekai path. But I decided to trust on your words translator. And I never, NEVER, would have thought that this would go into a Bloodborne route. I had a feeling, whene the lycan told the story about the endguard facing vampires and turning mad by it I said "this sound like the hunters of the dream, cool". But now the author went FULL Bloodborne: the church hidding the curse and being corrupt like the Healing Church, the curse spreading like a disease just like the Plague of Beasts, blood and gore everywhere. I now have the urge to return to Yharnam for the 5th time (ahhh... I've become addicted to the hunt it seem). Read more Thank you translator for your work and for keeping me hopeful. Unfortunately, this seem like just an arc of the story or a B plot, after all the main objective is whatever Souya was sent to retrieve and we still didn't had a look at what truly happened (and the effects on the world after they were there) to the earthlings that came before Souya and what exactly they did. But at least I can enjoy it while it last. Now, Souya, say it with me: "A hunter must HUNT". Show less
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Commander Fenrir! Thank you for reading on! I know the early part where it seems very typical-isekai and tropish can turn people off, but once you've made it past that this story is really good, isn't it? And I think you're the one to make the connection to Bloodborne earliest in the story haha. You'll find lots of people who share that opinion later on lol. Read more
SecondhandFrag1 year ago
What the heck? I just want to sleep but things keep escalting.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SecondhandFrag! Haha. Yeah, I binged this one like crazy too. When eating, travelling, anytime I could, I read it till I finished it all. XD
Oram1 year ago
why you have to this to my boi irvin.
Oram1 year ago
forgot a do oof
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Oram! Yeah, this is the moment that realized what kind of story this is...
Le Salt1 year ago
Well, it looks like Misranika’s curse is beginning to make a real Lycan of Souya. And if something else is making these knights of St. Lyridias into Lycans as well...
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Le Salt! Well, I would use "beast" and then say that what you said is interesting...(¬‿¬ )
Shikurame2 years ago
things getting interesting i see.. will this be a start of souya endguard career?
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Shikurame! Well, I can't answer you directly, but that growl, huh?
Pyrectic2 years ago
Wtf??? A main character is killed...That rarely happens in isekai settings!
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Pyrectic! To top it off, it's one with a huge back story with real goals and aspirations and has shown character growth, who you've been getting to know for most of this volume... Which tells you that while this series pretends to be a typical isekai story most of the time, it really isn't typical at all!
sdb72 years ago
the heck happened?
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, sdb7! I can't answer you directly, but a bit will be explained next chapter
Chebron2 years ago
Damn, didn't see any of that coming. Thanks for the chapters
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Chebron! More twists are coming! Stay tuned!
Ragemind2 years ago
thanks for the chapter!!! man now i'm a little sad because i was really looking foward to souya and irvin having some goofy moments together.
Solo2 years ago
Thank for reading and commenting, Ragemind! Yeah, this novel goes into serious mode after the carefree moments, which makes the pain greater because we've had fun with those characters and have come to like them.
Netzach1 year ago
This scene is an allegory of how life is working: One day, you wake up and you find everything is good, but the day after, everything is sad without notice. That's how life and death can both work at the same time. Life is meant to be cherished at every single moment because death can come anytime. That doesn't mean you have to be scared of the latter because Death is included in Life. Like the Yin and Yang are entwined closely, there isn't life without death and there isn't death if there isn't life.
Kingsford Zeltman2 years ago
This is rough, I regret reading the afterword. I suppose the next chapter is a flashback chapter
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, adhe1578! Eh, no flashbacks in this novel until volume 10, this is a memoir after all. Story will keep going on!
Izmil2 years ago
Thanks for the chapter
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! (^ ^)
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