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Commander Fenrir1 year ago
YES DAMNIT! GIVE ME MORE BLOODBORNE! VARNER? MY ASS! THAT IT'S LUDWIG DAMNIT! YES! KILL THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT BE! ... sorry. I got carried away. At last, my desire for hunting in Yharnam has no limits and I'm sure that the author sleeps with a photo of Miyazaki with him and has all trophies of the souls games. It shows. Read more Another beautiful translation, Solo. My thanks. Though I have one doubt: I still have no idea how the chanting of the skill works. Like Ra-Guzuri-Duin-Oruosuouru or Izora-Romea-Wild hunt. The first should be the name of the one who creates or teaches you the spell and the last is the name of the spell. What is that in the middle then? And I thought that Misuranika and the Moon Lady in the Lycan tales were the same individual... seems that I was wrong. I wonder if a cure or vaccine for the curse of Beasts can be found with modern medicine knowledge. Though I would die of laughter if Lyridias didn't find the cure because she didn't knew what a cell is or how to make a vaccine with a simple cow. Now, if you excuse me, I will read the next chapter while I create a new Bloodborne character and HUNT FOR BEASTS (and get my ass kicked by other players, heh). Show less
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Commander Fenrir! Have fun! XD As for the spell thing, the Ra-Guzuri-Duin-Oruosuouru things isn't a spell, but a keyword for evoking the curse. Thus it doesn't follow normal magic naming conventions. As for "Romea", first things first, Japanese grammer is backwards compared to English. Thus Izora Romea Wild-Hunt sorta means: The Wild-Hunt spell created by Izora, with Romea being the "created by" in this alternate world's language. Read more
Rosseweiss1 year ago
2 things: What has the author with prostitues? Seriously, never had I seen so many mentions in a japanese novel about them. Usually novels depicts how protecting the purity for the MC is important, but here that's like a slap to the face, as if saying "dude wake up, this is reality". I mean it was a bit shocking that Tyutyu which is quite likeable had such a profession and I'm sure her story will be interesting, same for Misuranika. Second, I hope Izora doesn't get eaten by Makina, that "last" was quite sad. And Makina is not a saint either. The words that Gravius said about its kin imply some foreshadowing. As always thanks for translating, this is a really enjoyable reading!
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Rosseweiss! This novel actually tackles many complicated issues that others usually avoid. And in ways that aren't typical as well. Like the plot, it does take a while. And no one is a saint in this world. Like life, it's complicated and mostly in shades of gray. But that's what I like about it. It still plays on the typical tropes, but it'll hit you with doses of reality too! Read more
fluffykunat1 year ago
From the start I really expect that Souya will undergo edgy-phase, I mean like having an anti-hero vibe until he kill that bastard. Didn't expect that development where he get to have full control over his curse like power. 10/11, nice arc. TNX for the chapter!!
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, fluffykunat! Somehow, I missed your comment...I apologize. Yeah, this is a really cool arc, isn't it? Read more
dawen1 year ago
At last this this arc finaly finish and become more complex than before Thanks for chap
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, dawen! Yeah, to me, this is the true start of the novel, the moment you realize what kind of story it really is.
Foxteller69691 year ago
what? the AI became a machine god? what is this, WH40K?
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Foxteller6969! lol, what made you think that? Is it the cuz of the magic? To clarify, the magic isn't invoked through Izora, she just "invented" the "formula" for it. Read more And I guess this isn't a spoiler that'll impact too much, but romea means something like "taught by" so, the names of the magics are all "this magic, which is taught by this person", Show less
BUZZARD951 year ago
Mierda, demasiadas cosas que prestar atención en 1 solo capitulo, pero hay algo que me inquieta bastante, es que me está dando el aire de Akame ga Kill, su atmósfera digamos demasiado me lo recuerda, en el sentido de que empieza alegre y luego se va poniendo cada vez más turbio, y por esto me he confundido un poco, dado que en novelupdates o donde he buscado los géneros tiene el tag de "harem" pero estoy dudando seriamente que esto tenga un buena final, me refiero a cuando perdio temporalmente la memoria acerca del nombre de su hermana y si prestas atención a cada palabra del juramento a Misuranika, lo de "perderás todo, olvidarás todo, y serás olvidado por todos" si lo tomas al pie de la letra cómo dije con el asunto de su hermana se está cu moliendo ya, por lo que en el "olvidarás" y especialmente "seras olvidado" no deja chance de buen final que digamos.... POR CIERTO PRIMERA VEZ QUE COMENTO GRACIAS POR LA TRADUCCIÓN, ENSERIO GRACIAS POR TU BUEN TRABAJO, DADO QUE LEO CON GOOGLE TRANSLATOR-SAMA
Solo1 year ago
¡Gracias por leer y comentar, BUZZARD95! No confirmaré si lo que dijo Misuranika sucederá o no, ya que eso es un spoiler. Pero aunque esta novela tiene sus partes tristes, hay muchas partes felices y puedo garantizar que no terminará como "Akame no Kill". Solo para ti, te lo contaré un poco. No usa Wild Hunt a menudo. En el siguiente arco, la historia explicará por qué no puede, incluso si quisiera. Las cosas se ponen más felices a partir de ahora y el harén comenzará a crecer. Hasta que las cosas se pongan tristes. Y luego feliz de nuevo. Finalmente, como probablemente pueda ver ahora, estoy usando el traductor de Google para convertir esto del inglés. XD Read more La siguiente línea es lo único que sé decir: en inglés por favor XD XD XD Show less
Shikurame1 year ago
Man this feels so bloodborne that im really liking it, at first i thought this would be a generic isekai troupe but its quite far from it. looking forward for the arc finale
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Shikurame! The sneaky part is that it looks and reads like a generic isekai, but beneath it is an intricate and extensive plot that we are only showed a glimpse at a time! And despite this already nearing the end of volume 2, we've really only seen a glimpse! So much more has been put in plain sight that we don't know is important! Ahem, sorry, what I meant to say is that its a great story and the finale of this volume is superb! Read more
Ragemind1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter solo!!! BOI lost my two best girls. can't live in this world anymore.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Ragemind! Hang in there!
Izmil1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter this chaps awesome!, wonder how this would be draw in the manga
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! The manga is moving at breakneck speed but it's gonna take a while before it reaches here, I'm afraid. I'm looking forward to it too though.
Shiroi Hane1 year ago
Izora :(
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Shiroi Hane! Heroic sacrifice... which was set up when she unhooked herself and clung onto Irvin's leg at the start of the arc... imo, this entire fight sequence was so well written, so much tension and ups and downs, which was why I didn't split it.
FoxReader57961 year ago
Wait. Did isora-pod not back up?? Also can we call Souya a werewolf now?
Solo1 year ago
More about Izora in the epilogue, don't miss it! Well, he stayed in human form, so maybe half-werewolf?
Username_Jire~1 year ago
Izora................. I wish for her personality to be preserved
Xahtep1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter! Was looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint! Wasn’t all that surprised that the Lycan curse came back up, I have some minor questions though. Hopefully they are included in the loose ends to be wrapped up. Especially concerning the future relationship with him and the AI.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Xahtep! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! This is the first(among many) epic battle that Souya fights, and I know that it took a long time to come, so I hope everyone who has stayed to this point enjoys it! As for questions, yeah, some loose ends are tied up in the epilogue, some are purposely left hanging and even some things that are thought to be tied up may not be exactly as it seems. Read more If you have any specific questions though, you can ask me on Discord! Show less
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