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Commander Fenrir1 year ago
F Izora, you went out like a hero. Though, if the magic sword Agathion is made of the same materials as the A.Is and has grown weirdly attached to Souya, and considering that one of the last things that the sword "killed" was Izora, perhaphs now Izora lies within the sword. Or not. We shall see. The memory loss in exchange for power is quite frightening, but Makina should know who Yukikaze is and why the MC is in this world, especially if the story is written as a memoir, so I'm not fully worried about the MC in this aspect. One of the greater complaints that I'm having with this work will always resides in the first two volumes, and I blame these for the lack of greater attention and interest in the work. One of the first things that you get to know while writing is that you have to start with a bang (no matter how great or little) otherwise, you risk to don't actually engage the reader. If I have to compare this work style with something else, it would be the Invincible comics. Both started as nothing more than "more of the same" and it's not until the second volume of Invicible (I think, I don't remember well) that things really get good and unique, revealing an amazing story. But until you get there, many lose the interest. With this novel is even worse, there are two volumes of introduction and the subvert of expectations is in most cases taken like a bite for the reader (especially the thing with the guns, if you are really going to advertise the story as a journey of a modern military japanese guy in a fantasy world, don't get rid of the very idea that brought the readers to your work; it can be seen as insulting). Read more Other complaint that I find is Izora in her last moment. It becomes so much of a Deus ex machina that it hurts. These are thing that makes me wonder if the author is an novice with potencial or he get lazy in some of the weirdest moments. Still, I'll keep reading. I'm weak to Isekais and want to know more about Lanseal. Heh. Thanks for the translation once more Solo. Show less
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Commander Fenrir! Haha, I totally agree that this novel's start is horrible in terms of engaging the readers' interest. Hence the plea at the start to reserve judgement until the end of volume 2. And it's easy to forget because of how "novel-like" this story is as compared to usual webnovels, but the author IS an amateur, especially at the start of this novel. So there will be gaffs, but overall, this author is amazing imo, especially later on as the intricacies of the plot they have planned is revealed. Read more
Rosseweiss1 year ago
Darn it, I knew Izora would die, and Makina's fail safe plot. And Souya you are doing it again, remember when you rubbed Rana's belly! Now they know everything!
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting. Rosseweiss! Haha, all that build up and all he does is poke their cheeks tho. But did you expect so much plot and characterization from mere A.I.s? This is why I love this novel (^ ^) Read more
StephenAustria1 year ago
I'm crying right now...
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, StephenAustria! You're definitely not alone. This novel has made my cry so much! Which is absolutely a testament to how well the author makes us invested in the characters
Skeru1 year ago
Wow. Just wow. It's been a wild ride and judging from the ominous vibes Misuranika's words from the previous chapter, I'm having the sinking feeling that the feels roller coaster won't end here. I'll probably won't be reading the following chapters because I genuinely don't think my heart could take another blow like this. Don't get me wrong, it's a great LN and I would highly recommend it to other people as I have only praises for it so far. Read more Thank you for the chapters thus far! You rock! Show less
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Skeru! Well, you're right in that the feels roller coaster will continue. However, if it'll make you feel better, a huge emotional hit like this isn't common. For one, it'll be pretty difficult. Things do get better. XD I hope you will continue after the initial rush from the feels are over. This is really a great novel that's worth the investment. =) Read more
Oram1 year ago
So who is souya gonna forget next with the magic of wild hunt? My guess is Irvin but I feel so sad just by thinking about it, I don't think he would forget Izora (pls author don't make him forget izora).
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Oram! Well, that will be hinted at very soon
fluffykunat1 year ago
Gaddmit ninja cutting onions.... I'm not crying! it's manly sweat!! Izora freakin' MVP!! TNX for the chap!! Read more
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, fluffykunat! Yeah, one of the best A.I.s ever. So much personality, so heroic, and so much love for B-grade movies~~
Le Salt1 year ago
This poor ordinary fool, with no luck at all...
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Le Salt! Well, would you be surprised to learn that it has nothing to do with luck?
ColonelCrisp1 year ago
Damn, him forgetting about his sister is so scary. I don't want to forget my siblings.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, ColonelCrisp! The scarier thing is that he doesn't even know he forgot. Imagining not simply forgetting your siblings, but for you to think that you never had siblings in the first place...
MahaVailo1 year ago
It's so very scary! Humans tend to be shaped by our experiences. So, without those experiences, are we even ourselves? Or someone different!?
Solo1 year ago
Exactly, MahaVailo! That's the huge theme of this novel!
Rondo1 year ago
I believe you’ve underestimated this. Misuranika told him he’d be “left with nothing, forgetting and being forgotten by everything”. His sister might have been the first to go, but Rana, Irvin, Izora, Ea, the rest of his party members, Earth, and everything else are on the list. In the end, he’ll be a man that is a powerful fighter but has no idea who he is, where he has been, why he fights, or how he trained. Neither will anyone else be aware of him. One day, he’ll set out to fight and never return home not because he died, but because he forgot his family and they forgot him. Picture the scene of him having pushed his body to the utmost limits while hunting an army. As he takes a breath after having killed the last enemy, he wonders why he had killed them. He then turns around and wonders if he was responsible for the rest of the dead bodies as well. Eventually, he gives up figuring out what led him to that point and wanders in a random direction with no one ever knowing he ever existed. Read more Imagine years go by and he has a new family and a new reason to use his power. After which, the entire process repeats again. Over and over until he uses his power for the last time. Show less
dkuro1 year ago
I need help, I want to put that comment here but I put in chapter 39 by mistake ! Thanks sorry about the text wall, but I need to let off steam somewhere after those chapters. I had just literally been reading "isekai Berseck", novel version, and had just finished the Golden Age, hadn't it? Read more I was thinking about all the chapters I'd read up to this one, and I realized - That with Ryutetto's description of Souya and what Solo had written about the relationship between Sôya and Irvin that if Sôya was a shadow, Irvin was his luminous counterpart and could be seen with the title of the novel as the embodiment of Souya's dream and hopes in this world. And that not only is the title perhaps a deception of what it will tell from now on, but that the dream died along with Irvin. - That Izoya who was the character, who reminded Souya of the right path of his original mission, died. And with her disappearance and the disappearance of Souya's memories of his sister, might have also disappeared with it the importance of this mission in the story. - That the disappearance of all of Souya's past on her parchment was only an omen of all his memories that will undoubtedly disappear with the progress of history. - And finally the two oaths that Souya had sworn to Misuranika are only the synopsis and the summary of the tragic end he is waiting for as long as he will be under contract with her... they seem to be no end of how much Souya will be. The second question I thought of was what should have been done to avoid the tragic road that Sôya has just crossed the starting line ? What if Souya had made a different choice? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that different choices than the ones he made would only have led him to dead end : + If he had thrown the necklace away, he would have lost his base. + If he hadn't destroyed the 3 bandits, they would have come to steal more crates. + If he had not made a pact with Misuranika, they would be stuck in jail waiting for his execution. + If they had not settled his accounts with the company, they would have continued to sponsor the robberies. + If they had not destroyed the guns, they would have spent more time fighting the war to protect them than exploring the dungeon. + If he had not made contact with the elf sisters, he would not have gotten the cursed elvish bracelet and the Lycan' bow and he would have ended up killed in the dungeon or stuck in his exploration for lack of firepower. + If he hadn't healed the king, the civil war would have hindered his exploration if he hadn't died in it. + If he had not hunted down Midoranga he could have explored longer, if the 2 knights would not have decided to kill the whole party if Irvin had been displeased them, or all of the party would has died when they would have found Irvin's friend + If they had all fled, this monster would probably have pursued them, it was clearly a trap after all. + And if Sôya had decided not to avenge Irvin, this whole group would probably have been killed by the knight's sacred sword. And with that, I finally understood that Izoya's 98% chance of dying prediction was not an exaggeration. I changed of perspective by thinking that if Irvin would have made a different choice Souya could have avoided this descent into hell... (My answer for Berserk is that if Griffith would have told Guts that he considered him his only friend after realizing it himself, he would be king). But even Irvin he wouldn't have shared his glory and still managed to persuade Shuna to stay in the party, or if he had decided not to go hunting Midoranga, he would still be king. they would still have gotten themselves killed when they would have fallen on the beast looking for Irvin's friend in the level 13th. I conclude that the only way for the dream to have continued would have been not to had tried the boss and not to had searched the 13 level. I kept thinking about it before I remember Sôya's words "that a person doesn't change". And I come to the sad realization that the personality of the characters determines their choice and that thinking about whether he had made different choices under the me conditions is useless because if their decision is true to themselves he will always choose the it under the same conditions. (Griffith would probably have wanted to conquer the world after his dream of having his own kingdom was realized). I then changed my question to when Souya reached the point of no return? - When he had chose to avenge Irvin? - When he had decided to hold back the beast? - When he had decided to defeat Midoranga ? During this reflection, I remember Irvin's words saying "that the follower of a god is destined to perform the same actions as his god". And I realize that Souya was doomed since her contract with Misuranika. But as written earlier, he had no other alternatives. - No contract with a God, no dungeon. - Taking the time to train to contract with a God based on physical abilities? By the time he finished training, if by some miracle he could have obtained the necessary skills quickly enough, if it wasn't the civil war after the king's death, he probably should have continued his war of position to protect the technology of his world. - Join the church of the flame? It is all his technology that he should have destroyed because he could not have put it anywhere else, because any other location falls under the jurisdiction of the kingdom. If we suppose that Misuranika had eyes on him from the first day when he took care of the 3 adventurers, we can begin to wonder if he was not destined by this life? To what extent was Souya doomed to this road from the start? And the information and questions continue, He is the only one of the 6 members to have reached this world, and the only god with whom he was compatible is Misuranika? That in this world, not to have a contract with a god is almost a crime in itself. No even better, the original member died in an accident the moment Souya needs money the most? I repeat my last question again? How much has Souya been destined for this tragedy from the beginning? How badly was he doomed? Let's part away with a tragic irony and a little thought - To honor and kindred soul and save his friend's sister which his original purpose Souya lost his purpose and the memory of his own sister. - To an evil people want to destroy evil to be complete, he has to self-destruct while destroy the others ones. Show less
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, dkuro! Yeah, that's a super apt comparison. This is THAT point in the story. So many of your points I agree with. Especially Irvin being light and Souya being dark, they're really so similar yet exactly opposite at the same time. Read more I can't comment much on each individual point as I don't want to spoil the story, (I really want to tho, it goes really deep!) but yeah, trying to find the certain point where Souya sealed his fate is quite interesting. Yeah, you put it so aptly again, to honor his friend and his friend's purpose, he lost his own purpose in exchange. Thank you again for reading and enjoying this novel. Haha, what a great wall of text, it's longer than my afterwords! I love it though! Show less
Username_Jire~1 year ago
Amnesia Intensifies*
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Username_Jire~! Indeed.
[email protected]1 year ago
Started reading the manga then went down the rabbithole to read the novel. And oh boy... Was not expecting in any way most of the stuff that happens. Re-Reading what Misuranika said last chapter...doesn't seem like a happy end is viable. In any sense. Which honestly leaves me with conflicted emotions. I don't plan on dropping this series, but oh man, I don't think I'll ever think positively about anything to come.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, [email protected]! Well, I can't say too much because I don't want to spoil the story, but well, I always felt that it's the hero's struggles and flaws that make people love them. And how they struggle and go against the odds is what makes people relate to them. In that sense, this is why I love this story. It does require staying for the long haul though cuz this author really plays the long game haha
Sola1 year ago
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Sola! Yup, I always tear up over this.
Pyrectic1 year ago
This is definitely not just another generic isekai story. So far the world, history and mythology seems so vast, almost as if I'm reading an actual high fantasy novel not a light novel. And it's kinda confusing...if it's not too much of a bother can you clarify a few points for me? 1. Souya became a Lycan because of the curse on the hand guard Rana & Ea gave him, it activated to save Rana. So does that mean Rana is a descendant of the Lycans? Her mother hasn't been explained right? Read more 2. I forgot, weren't the Lycans became what they are to destroy vampires or something? Or was it the spider or the dragon? Isn't that kinda similar St. Lyridias? Is there a connection? How did they get those powers? 3. So does Lycans powers got activated at the presence of a curse? Or is it something else? And they get powers from eating curses? And how come Barfuru is in constant Wolfman state? Is that Souya's future? 4. Is the St. Lyridias curse given only to her descendants or all of her followers? If it's to her followers can't they just like cancel the contract to get out of it or something? Or is not possible to cancel a contract with god? 5. And I'm very confused at the last fight, did Souya contracted the curse also? If so how? Sorry for all these questions, it's just the history and mythology got intertwined so casually in both the heavy and light moments, I'm having trouble following them Show less
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Pyrectic! You're completely right. This is totally written as a full blown novel instead of LN style. Which explains the slow buildup to a climax every volume. 1. The Heures guard contains the curse of Lumidia, not Lycan. His power of the hero comes from here Read more 2. Lycans are said to be born from a contract with the goddess of the moon of misfortune to hunt vampires. 3. Lycan powers activate in presence of evil curses. Everything else I can't answer as they're spoilers 4. The beast curse is in the blood of all descendants of the King of Hemu. Lyridias' is not a curse, but a protection that prevents them from becoming beasts until they after they die. 5. The curse Souya calls is a totally separate curse. It's a curse created after generations of the King of Hemu's descendants cursed him for the curse in their blood. I've not answered spoilers, but if you want to know no matter what, come to discord, I'll tell you everything if that's what you wish XD Show less
Pyrectic1 year ago
Wow, thanks for clarifying. From your response it seems I haven't misunderstood much, many more will be explained further in future chapters I assume? I guess I'm as confused as Varner was as to the origins of the curse. Lumidia and Lyridias sounds similar I may have confused them somewhere. I'm rereading the novel again to get a better understanding, I wanted to wait for the manga but it's so slow... Really hoping there's an anime for this soon, but i think it'll have a hard time explaining the mythology and history as good as a novel would Read more
kanameshiro1 year ago
First of all, thank you for hard work translating this novel. Second,though probably irrelevant to you, I'm going to stop reading because I can't stand being bait-and-switch'ed by the author. It's like ordering fried chicken and then eating halfway through you realize that what you're eating turned out to be a fried rat, it's simply disgusting and infuriating. To me, the author could've pushed the story forward without having these depressing things happen because even without losing anyone, mc could still kill the 'hero' depending on what would eventually happen to his partymates. Also, whether we like it or not, the real reason why the author decided to kill irvin and izora was to invoke a reaction from the readers and not to move the story forward. Anyway, thanks again for your hard work.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, kanameshiro! I respect your decision as I know that this kind of novel is not for everyone, especially with the climate of such novels mostly have everything going well for MC. Thank you reading this far. To be fair to the author though, isn't the point of every story to elicit a reaction? The only thing that differs is which emotion and how well it's done. Case in point: GoT. Read more
BUZZARD951 year ago
Pero lo de Izora me siento un poco raro al respecto, quiero decir si puede ser que sea como dijiste, que ella eligió creer que el "amor" que fue implantado en su programacion hacia el MC es "amor real" al final me lo cuestionó, no en el sentido de que efectiva mente Izora llego a tener sentimientos, eso no lo cuestionó, pero lo que sentía por el MC no lo llamaría "amor real" cómo dijo ella y estoy seguro ella tampoco lo considero real, Izora por más que haya querido preocuparse más por Irvin cuando se encontraban en peligro, no pudo, debido a su programación el MC debía ser prioridad, (no me linchen) si fue ella la mejor, pero lo de tener "sentimientos" hacia el MC a mi parecer es mentira, dado que hasta que fue destruida por la espada hablaba de forma mecánica, nunca volvió encender su interruptor de tristeza, por lo la forma en que yo lo interpretó seria que a pesar de que su programación (en los humanos, razon/cerebro) le decía que el MC es más importante, sus sentimientos (en los humanos corazon) no podía hacer que el MC fuera más importante que Irvin, por lo que eligio menos así yo lo intérprete, y me gusta más de esta forma, porque? Porque al final su amor de auto-engaño por programación hacia el MC no pudo vencer sus sentimientos y su sentido del "YO"
Solo1 year ago
¡Gracias por leer y comentar, BUZZARD95! En primer lugar, quiero decir que podrías tener toda la razón. La belleza del estilo de este autor es que algunas cosas se dejan a los lectores para que las interpreten. Como la batalla con Varner. Me gusta esto. Lo único que quiero señalar es que creo que Izora dejó de hablar mecánicamente cuando dejó de llamarse "Izora" y usó "I" en su lugar, justo antes de decirle a Souya que lo ama. Pero aparte de eso, sí, en realidad me gusta mucho tu interpretación. Oh, si mis respuestas de Google Translate son legibles, está bien no usar inglés, sé que tengo varios lectores de Brasil y otros países que usan este idioma, así que estoy seguro de que les gustará, además, estoy seguro de que te sientes más cómodo usando tu idioma nativo. Read more
Ragemind1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter solo. welp rerouting all my love for izora to yukikaze. so can we lewd yukikaze now?
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Ragemind! Well, sure, I guess? Haha but like I mentioned elsewhere in the comments, and as hinted by Souya, Yukikaze's personality isn't the same as Izora's. Read more
Xahtep1 year ago
Ah darn it was as I feared. Izora... So it was indeed his sister’s name that he forgot somehow it seemed like her existence was getting blurred and noooo it’s so sad. Anyways thanks for the chapter!
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Xahtep! ( ^ω^ )
Izmil1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! (^^)
ShortNoob1 year ago
Uff, the story is too good, there are a lot of details that can be overlooked so the notes at the end of each chapter help a lot. The loss of memory is undoubtedly one of the worst compensations there is, and even more so if nobody realizes it (I have doubts about the scope of this compensation, would its effects reach the original world?). Rereading this part "some day, you will lose everything, forget, be forgotten, and fall into empty solicitude" of the previous chapter and seeing the result ... I fear that the story does not even come to a bittersweet ending but a sad one. Thanks for translating this great story.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, ShortNoob! Yeah, you caught on to what I was referring to. As the words say, he will forget and be forgotten. As for whether or not it affects his original world, it'll take a long while, but that question gets answered very clearly. But I'm glad you are enjoying the story too! This story has ups and downs, but many such climaxes, including one that tops this by far, are yet to come. Read more And it's because of the light-hearted parts that the sad parts are so impactful. Show less
EnuoFH1 year ago
We are reading thsi story that looks like to be some sort of record since it tells date,so if its the records done when souya was somewhere... i guess he will find a way to be not forgotten in the end
Shikurame1 year ago
honestly.. if your don't remind me what yukikaze name implies the whole thing would flew over my head as im pretty forgetful sometimes. truly izora is best girl no doubt it's a shame that she died
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Shikurame! That's what my super-long afterwords are for lol. So much emotion packed into the last few chapters! Read more
Solo1 year ago
Oh and as Souya thought, Yukikaze(AI)'s personality is indeed different, so it's not like Yukikaze will just take her place and continue as is, so it isn't an inconsequential death. IZORAAAaaa
Shikurame1 year ago
yeah.. your afterwords is one of the things that i look forward each chapter as your insight helping me understand the story and the context even more really appreciate it man. and i don't know that an A.I character would have this big of an impact to my emotion cause i thought makina would recover her easily pretty heartbreaking. with izora, zenobia and irvin it solidified the image that the author won't hestitate to kill a character or them breaking off connection with the MC for the sake of the story, i will be more careful to not get to attached to certain character.
Solo1 year ago
I'm really glad to hear that, it makes writing them worthwhile! Yeah, so unbelievable right? An AI dying is so far out of left field. And their relationship started so badly too. And it's exactly because the author shows them in their light-hearted moments and their goofy antics that we become attached to them. Which is why it's so impactful.
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