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Le Salt3 months ago
Secret connections, secret connections... Man, Misranika really is such a goddamn big shot, isn’t she?
Solo3 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Le Salt! In short, yes
yeah boi6 months ago
Hmm, so Barfuru probably knows Gormlaith too.
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, yeah boi! Well... I can't comment due to spoilers, but you'll see...
Izmil6 months ago
thanks for the chapter
Solo6 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! (=^ ◡ ^=)
ShortNoob6 months ago
Thanks for the chapter. Interesting that the Demon King does not remember Misuranika but this spirit does. Heck I don't remember at all when they mentioned the Demon King's eye color when she was alive. Something that I forgot to ask, when you make a contract with a god you are prone to relive his promises and misfortunes, but what happens when you have connections with multiple gods? as in the case of Souya (the cat, the bird, the farmer, the spirit of the hero and the maritime thing that may be an original god) and Bel.
Solo6 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, ShortNoob! To be fair, the part where they mentioned Gormlaith's eye color is really small, which is why I'm drawing attention to it. Yes, the people who know Misuranika are very very few... Read more As for the reenacting of their god's fate, each person only has one main god, no matter how many they contract with. That doesn't answer your question directly, but I think you get it. Also, how much it happens depends on the follower, I'll just say that not everyone follows their god's fate to the same degree. Even though Shuna killed a "dragon" using the same technique as Gladvain used to kill the dragon, it's not really one, is it? So, for his case, it was kinda shallow Show less
Foxteller69696 months ago
She called her a harlot and she's related to the Knights' Order... so Rumli? Or the fertility goddess??
Solo6 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Foxteller6969! Well, her true identity is an important secret, so I won't say much. However, she is someone who HAS been mentioned somewhere in the story. However, it's impossible to find the link right now, so I won't suggest trying. But she didn't appear out of the blue.
Ntuzzzmutz6 months ago
I have a question, how did gormlaith knew lazarisa?
Solo6 months ago
Haha, someone finally noticed. I can't say anything though. Literally can't, anything I can think of would be a big spoiler. Which of course tells you something is up there. =) Read more
Solo6 months ago
I deleted your comment cuz full of spoilers lol. try not to post spoiler here. Find me on Discord if you want to discuss spoilers =)
Solo6 months ago
Oh and they aren't vague, google translate is just unable to translate them properly.
Foxteller69696 months ago
Ok. I think I found the chapter that SPOILERS it. i guess i'll have to remind slient about it. is that even her real name?
Solo6 months ago
well, I cant answer you here lol
Ntuzzzmutz6 months ago
So misranika, gormlaith, and lyridias knew each other?
Solo6 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Ntuzzzmutz! Well, I don't know if Gormlaith and Lys knew each other, but Misuranika definitely knew the both of them.
Ntuzzzmutz6 months ago
Thank you for the translation solo. I really appreciate your hardwork.
Solo6 months ago
=) And thank you for your kind words and for reading!
Skywhite696 months ago
Thank you for this chapter. I just sign up for this account to tell you this. I find it funny that the "Demon Lord" that was needed to be defeated was the wife's cooking. I am wondering is "that thing" is strong as a "Demon Lord" or something similar? Can't wait for next chapter. Read more
Solo6 months ago
Thank you for reading and commenting, Skywhite! And for signing up just to comment too! Well, we'll prob never know but I'm guessing the real one is much stronger. I mean, she's a magician but fought normally with Souya and Agathion instead. If she used her magic, she would prob insta-kill them. Read more
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