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Ch. 060: The Rabbit Of Revelry II
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marine1corps1 month ago
I do not recall but wasn't it Rana that gave the bracer? The one that makes a person give favor to elves or something. It would be good step in the relationship if they "Divorced", never really liked Rana in the first place. Maybe I will now who knows and I do hope he remembers his sister for that emotional drama spice. Either way this is nice for relational development, I always had bias against elves because they in general have it good i.e long lived, naturally gifted, ect. so seeing the "perfect" Rana stumble a bit is good. I have always placed Ea higher then her. Read more
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, marine1corps! Yeah, she told Ea to put it on Souya when she was healing him after he fought Georg, the idiot prince. Yeah, author is playing on the waifu trope that is so prevalent, but thinking normally, there's no way a relationship is that simple. Read more
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