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nnnl2 months ago
bruh alma x noel, holycrap, that ship is what's holding me at my balls, if that ship gets wrecked, I'm dropping this whole thing. What is it with japanese and bad romance ideas? Percy Jackson was so good, 50% because of Annabeth and Percy's relationship dynamic, but in japanese manga, ln, etc. all that goes out the window, it becomes stupid and boring slapstick garbage. Read more Read more Sounds like what Nathan phillion had in mind with castle. What's even worse is, after the female lead of castle convinced the producers to lock in the relationship, phillion just gave up, and intentionally ruined the entire show. Gained weight, stopped trying, stopped acting properly, stopped doing promotions. How sad. I feel bad for Stana Katic having to sit through that emotional bullsh**, for 8 years. I didn't understand it before, but now I do, after seeing this stupid slapstick crap. Show less
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, nnnl! Well, if it's a consolation for you, relationships change and don't remain constant. What happens now may not be what's in the future and some things take time to develop. That said, there are others that don't, so you'll have to read on to find out~
MinaMina1 month ago
You're kidding. Alma and Noel? it's just as bad as any usual cliche manga, well currently it is. But well, who knows about the future, it's just that they're pretty eh as a couple rn. Well any couple would be as of the moment, the story's not as fleshed out yet, it still feels like a prologue. Romance rn Kinda undermines them as a character, Noel is trashy and Alma is a creep.Imagine if Alma was a guy and Noel was a girl, yeah.... it's still the same.. it's pretty bad. No excuse. Anyways you've been looking at really bad places if you're generalising Japanese with bad romance , theres literally a huge ton of good ones. You can find awful and good romance medias in any country equally. Read more
AzaThom324 months ago
Interesting chapter and character are not one-way-thinking-overpowered-battlejunkies but more normal with catches and misses here and there
Solo4 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, AzaThom32! Yeah, it's the flaws that define a character after all =)
HoodWeeb5 months ago
LMAO the noel x alma interactions are peak comedy!! Thanks for the translation Solo chwaan.
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, HoodWeeb! Yeah, it's absolutely hilarious. It's small things like this among the serious tone that makes this novel great.
QuiGon055 months ago
Sure, the feelings towards Noel might not be romantic, but.....
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, QuiGon05! Yeah, there's definitely a but there
AD.McRead5 months ago
Thanks for the translations!! The last Part made me laugh out Loud 🤣🤣😅
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, AD.McRead! o(≧▽≦)o
Gylsera6 months ago
Thanks for the translation!!!
Solo6 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Gylsera! (⌒ω⌒)
Syavoir9 months ago
Alma sure know how to handle Noel now. (>.<)
Solo9 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Syavoir! Yeah, I laughed so hard at that. Noel can't defend himself if she forces herself on him after all lol
SVL9 months ago
Looking forward for Noel using the Exorcism skill. Also thanks for the chapter
Solo9 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SVL! (^ ^)
danehollow9 months ago
Thanks for the chap! finally he is gonna get soAgain with tania, really how the hell she betrayed noel when she loves him so much?all i could say is a poor writing story from the author.
danehollow9 months ago
Finally he is gonna get some offense skill.*
Solo9 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, danehollow! Yeah, althought it's limited to undead, he'll be able to attack. About Tania, I replied back to your initial comment. Read more
Eld1 year ago
Thanks for chapter.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Eld! ( ◠‿◠ )
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