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ShadeLights2 days ago
A bit unrelated to this chapter, but i'm guessing since Talker is looked down upon as the worst class, there's probably no Talkers that have reached A rank, unless the classes are already known despite nobody achieving said class, I'd like to guess that the mc would find a way to buff himself, or at least have some chance being able to fight vanguard classes. Well, it's either that, or he has a dual class(which I doubt)
Solo2 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, ShadeLights! You're speculating on stuff that even the latest chapter has yet to touch on so I have no idea lol.
ShadeLights22 hours ago
A bit unfortunate, but I'm really hoping that Noel will achieve a class like "General" or "Commander" as someone else had said on one of the newer chapters, especially because if his allies become too strong, he may not be able to control them very well anymore
Solomoca1 month ago
This is getting interesting
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Solomoca! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
Eld3 months ago
Thanks for the chapter. Will the rumored 'dog' grow some teeth and join Noel or what? Kouga is a good cookie, I don't want to see him turn rotten by the scums treatment.
Solo3 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Eld! You'll have to read on to find out!
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