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Moshimoshi2 years ago
Damn. Thanks for translating the chapter!
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Moshimoshi! (^ ^)
510e3 years ago
I realized some things about Noel: 1. everyone know this but his motto is "to pay back by thousand-fold" 2.His favorite time period is week Read more 3. he wants to be Edward from "fullmetal alchemist brotherhood". I know this Thanks to the amount of times he said "I will give an arm and a leg for this..." Show less
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, 510e! Haha, I'm going to admit something. Point 3 is all me. I'm the one purposely using that as a reference to FMP. The actual idiom, which has the same meaning, translates literally into "want something so bad that a hand comes out of the throat". So part of my job as a translator is to localize this kind of stuff and use the appropriate English idiom or turn of phrase instead, and I chose that one specifically, because of how FMP-like this story is. (^ ^) Read more
Dwarf Legend3 years ago
wow it's like rackless plan and near impossible. but with this mc....
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Dwarf Legend! Haha, yeah, though I'll admit the days seem to pass really slow from now on lol
Sassu3 years ago
I love this novel, but right now I'm a bit nervous. The story just take rapid turn of events; saying that he would'e reached the state of regalia in 1 year was excessive, but possible and, as he said, a clear and near objectie was somethin that would pus you to reach it, but half a year? Noel said that reacing B-rank was but an easy feat, he needed a whole year working days and nights on it, having a monstrous training backing him and now? Half a year to gain the title of leader of a regalia? That means A-rank at least, with few members it would not be wrong to say EX... and in six month, even with good feats, it would be hard to gain trustworthy and strong companions. Read more I'm a bit sceptical, I read varius good novels that took the "wrong turn" (in my opinion), rushing the story or creating a new goal, not to be the strongest,but to save the World. It generates hype, yes, but feels somehow wrong. I read novels to see a characters that, despite the hardships, would work his a*s off to reach his goal, whatever it is, but being one in the World, maybe the strongest, but not its savior. Dunno, I still have good hopes fot this story, let's see what the author has in mind. Thanks for the chapter Show less
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Sassu! I can't give spoilers, but don't worry, it isn't going where you think. It will be a struggle.
Owloid3 years ago
I had the same concern. It’s feeling a little fast... The initial 1 year goal felt unrealistic and this following one feels even more unrealistic. I enjoy my training arcs and it seems to me that they will get some huge power ups as they go when they took so long to go from C to B. Well, I guess I’ll just have to see.
SVL3 years ago
Why did Harold release his killing intent before entering the room? Is it to scare and make them respect him? I think it's unnecessary tho. I wonder how noel is going to make the clan in 6 months. And i can guess that fight with the variant is going to be epic. Read more kouga get getting nervous for noel tho, lol. Anyway thanks for the chapter. Show less
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SVL! It's probably to test them and see their reaction. It's prob part of the evaluation
Pnimt3 years ago
I figured this took place in late 1850-1880 or there about seeing how they have showers utilizing heaters and indoor plumbing. Also not only did firearms come about pretty much towards the end of the middle ages, but handguns with revolving chambers like what Noel is using are from early to mid 1800's.
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Pnimt! Yeah, I'm mentioning the time period here because the author did, but I agree that it is a bit silly considering all the various out of time stuff already present and appearing in future, plus it's a fantasy anyways...
Pnimt3 years ago
I think it's a weird choice to base your fiction on a specific time period but randomly mix in technology that wasn't present. If you do that, I feel like everything out of place needs to be explained even if with only a "it's magic, nigga". Magic crystals generating heat etc. we've all read it before. - Read more It's better to describe your fantasy setting in vaguer terms rather than basing it on real history, imo. Just call it "tolkien-esque fantasy with some modern influences" and you can get away with anything. Show less
Asfiru3 years ago
only 1 week for gathering such manpower? that's unreasonable O.O
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Asfiru! As unreasonable as becoming one of the top 7 clans in the Empire in 6 months? XD
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