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Haezer1 year ago
Leisha 🤝 Alma: "Kill her where no one can see"
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Haezer! Yeah, that cracked me up so much
Sherodan2 years ago
Haha, Alma and Leisha in the end are just hilarious! "Oh, dont mind me, just going to kill her." "What?! No, idiot! Killing someone in the open is bad! Dont do that! Kill her where noone can see it!" Read more
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Sherodan! Haha, yeah I laughed so hard at that too
AzaThom323 years ago
Nice chapter good rhythm and good decolonent even if for the Triad a bit more showtime to express their strength and battle tactics with more player could have been more interesting. Veronica straight side is actually cute and childish so thumb up for the character evolution, not so sure where she got the nerve to aim for the Mc in the time they spent together at the orc’s club... Still how a bit more of more Alma can be boring? Her POV is liquidated in few lines with so little meaning and then she jumps to questioning if Noel needs her... dramatic development in time zero? Booo Read more Next a little bit of female bickering that should be neat... Also if Wolf is a genius I want to question the unshown battles, or to set a better standard o compare talented peoples in respect to a 15y ExRank Show less
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, AzaThom32! Yeah Alma's role has been getting smaller and smaller, but I believe that's the author setting her up to star later
Dwarf Legend3 years ago
hahaha this two girl had screw lose in the head. really like everyday story like this hoping there will be more, i cant hold my laugh when read the "killing" part. Ahahaha
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Dwarf Legend! Yeah, I laughed out loud at that part too
Owloid3 years ago
This chapter made me realize that the humor sections have been rare. I like it. When the humor’s spread out a bit more, it hits harder. Either that or the humor scenes are written better now. In either case, I’m happy.
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Owloid! Yeah, things had been serious for so long, this chapter made me laugh tons.
lygarx3 years ago
there are plugins that can block certain countries from finding out this site even exists. to mitigate and prevent the author from finding out the site exists.
lygarx3 years ago
So apparently the author found out about novelupdates and he got pissed. deleted half of the web raws and is planning on telling the light novel publishers overlap to pursue legal action
Solo3 years ago
He found out about novelupdates, so blocking him from here won't really do anything. Besides, it's his novel, he has the right to do as he wishes. The bright side is that the story is still continuing, just in LNs. Read more Oh and the part about suing is only if someone translates the LN. He acknowledges that for WNs, the law is that he can't do much about it. Show less
lygarx3 years ago
oh cool. was getting scared. I only skimmed a bit of it. I do buy the light novels if they come out in english. since it has a pretty good manga, an anime might show up one day and hopefully a legal translation.
Solo3 years ago
Yeah, I support everyone supporting the authors in whatever way they can. =)
Izmil3 years ago
Thanks for the chapter
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! d(^_^o)
Kingsford Zeltman3 years ago
No waaaay. I was waiting whats gonna happen after their reunion. Now i have to wait again... Thank you for the chapter.
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Kingsford Zeltman! yeah, unfortunately, like you said, you'll have to wait to see that
Drum3 years ago
Pretty funny chapter. Veronica makes a good straight-man to Alma and Leisha.
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Drum! Haha, yup, I totally agree
ShadeLights3 years ago
Thanks for the chapter. Leisha is acting like a tsundere, and Alma is the overprotective sister. It's nice to have a chapter like this every now and then even if it's short.
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, ShadeLights! Yeah, and that part of the convo was such a laugh for me. But it turns serious after this...
dnx1033 years ago
Solo3 years ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, dnx103! (๑・̑◡・̑๑)
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